Jerry Tarkanian's Rolls Royce recruitmobile

The more you read about former UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian -- whether from Tarkanian himself at his Las Vegas Sun blog, "Shark Bytes" or from the hundreds of reporters who have covered Tarkanian throughout the years -- the more you realize there is no limit of stories about Jerry Tarkanian.

Which brings us to today's latest, which was unearthed by Sports Illustrated's Selena Roberts in this week's "Where Are They Now?" issue. (Hat tip: Mike Miller.) The rundown: When Tark recruited you, he did so in (admittedly rented) style:

"Old Tark, he had style," former UNLV star Larry Johnson once told me of his beloved college coach. "The other coaches drive rented Toyotas to summer leagues; he drove in a white Rolls." It was a borrowed luxury ride. A booster in Texas let Tark drive it around Dallas when he was recruiting players like Johnson. "Beautiful car," Tark recalls. "I had a great time."

"I had a great time," is probably as fitting a summation for Tarkanian's career at UNLV as any. Love him or hate him -- and it seems even Tark's traditional haters have progressed past the "hate him" stage, instead begrudgingly seeing him as a lovable character -- the man sure had a great time. And he has the stories to prove it.