Ex-Western Michigan center fails at dunking

Joe Reitz was a pretty good center for Western Michigan, finishing his career third on the school's all-time scoring and rebounding lists before packing on some pounds and remaking himself as an offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens.

Thursday, his basketball skills were on display during a Ravens exhibition game when during a touchdown celebration he was handed the football and tried dunking it over the crossbar. Unfortunately, the crossbar rejected him.

The blooper left the 6-foot-7, 320-pound Reitz defending his dunking ability to the Baltimore Sun and bracing for the worst.

"Being a former college basketball player, I know that I probably got 20 texts from all my old teammates. They're probably just killing me right now."

"They're probably texting me and saying, 'You just furthered the stereotype that white men can’t jump,'" Reitz continued.


Although coach John Harbaugh said he didn't see Reitz’s foible, he still had a comment on it.

"He should be making dunks of all people, right?" Harbaugh joked.

Reitz for his efforts earned recognition on "SportsCenter's" Not Top 10 Plays.