UCLA adopting John Wooden's den

Within college basketball circles, John Wooden's den was almost as famous as the man himself. When Wooden hosted fellow coaches, reporters, celebrities, and basically anyone else that came to visit the legend in his Encino, Calif., home, the visitors always left with superlatives about Wooden's memorabilia-filled man-cave.

When Wooden passed away, his family decided to put his home on the market, but there's good news for those interested in visiting Wooden's historic space: The family is donating the contents of his den to UCLA. According to ESPN Los Angeles, the school plans to display the room in the athletic Hall of Fame at the J.D. Morgan Center:

"There's all kind of little memorabilia and some nice things," Nan Muehlhausen, Wooden's daughter, told the newspaper. "He was a saver of things. Everything someone gave him meant something to him. That was his nature. It's very poignant, and there's a lot of good memories from that room."

And so concludes today's installment of awesome ideas. John Wooden's legacy will live on forever. In the meantime, it will be awfully fun -- not just for Bruins fans, but for the college hoops world at large -- to look at the things he collected as he built it.