John Wooden could do anything

That's it. I'm convinced. John Wooden probably invented cheeseburgers, too.

As if the late UCLA coach -- with his 10 national championships and his almost 100 years of life and his stately grace and his awesome den full of memorabilia -- wasn't already impressive enough. It turns out he's a much better golfer than you, too. And he wasn't only good -- he accomplished two of golf's most difficult and desired scores in the same round. From the LA Daily News:

John Wooden's family is finding many treasures while cleaning out the two-bedroom Encino condo where he lived. One of the most meaningful came in a little box with a 1-cent stamp attached. It was the scorecard of Wooden's historical round with a double eagle, also known as an albatross, and hole-in-one on June 26, 1939.

According to Golf Digest, only four people have ever accomplished this rare feat. Muehlhausen said the magazine requested to see the scorecard.

"Daddy said he had it but he didn't know where it was," [Wooden's daughter Nan] Muehlhausen said. "I said I'll make a copy (when we find it) and send it to them. (My brother) Jim was offended. They wanted proof. He said, `If daddy said he did it, he did it."'

It's official: John Wooden was good at everything. Legendary basketball coach, great man, historically relevant golfer. Where does it end? If Wooden's family keeps digging through his old stuff, it must only be a matter of time before they find the Colonel's secret recipe, tapes of an inspirational jam session with Miles Davis, and a note to Jonas Salk advising Salk to let his bread get moldy. The legend continues.