Top recruit could reclassify (again)

It's not too often a recruit changes his class designation. It's even less common for the same recruit to do so twice.

But that's exactly what DeAndre Daniels, a top recruit in the class of 2010 -- and, for a while, in the class of 2011 -- might do. Thanks to an ill relative, Daniels missed large parts of his junior year and had to catch up in school, so he decided to reclassify into the 2011 class. That didn't hurt his potential: Daniels was ranked No. 28 ESPNU's class of 2011.

Then came the twist. It turns out Daniels took night classes and summer school and caught up with the rest of his class just in time to rejoin his 2010 classmates. He could reclassify in the next 24 hours and play as soon as this fall, assuming his academics are taken care of.

As you'd imagine, plenty of schools are interested in in Daniels' services, and he has offers from Memphis, UTEP, St. John's, UCLA, UNLV and Kentucky. The leader in the clubhouse is reportedly Kentucky, which is probably the least surprising and most unoriginal bit of news in this whole thing. It's also big news, because Kentucky could use another player, a forward in particular, and at 6-foot-8, Daniels fits the bill.

Anyway, DeAndre Daniels: Potentially coming to a basketball arena near you much sooner than previously imagined. And now you know.

(Update: My original version of this post referred to Daniels' potential reclassification as a done deal, which, as of now, it is not.)