After wavering, DeAndre Daniels goes prep

Last week, we discussed the story of DeAndre Daniels, the man of many recruiting classes. Daniels once belonged to the 2010 recruiting class, but family troubles stunted much of his high school career, and he decided to appeal and reclassify his recruitment as 2011, giving him an extra year to figure out his eventual college destination.

According to ESPNU, Daniels is the No. 28 player in the class of 2011. The 6-foot-8 small forward committed to Texas, and that was that.

But last week, it appeared Daniels was reconsidering his college situation altogether. He decommitted from the Longhorns and reopened his recruitment, with one surprising caveat: A potential reclassification to the 2010 year that would have allowed him to start playing basketball as soon as this fall. Naturally, that got plenty of schools -- with Kentucky the reported leader among them -- excited.

Turns out, that excitement was for naught. According to Jerry Tipton at the Lexington Herald-Leader, Daniels is in fact going to wait until the 2011 year to begin his college career. He will attend prep school to get "physically and mentally" ready for college, according to Tipton. Daniels' trainer, Alex Parker, says Daniels had a 3.2 GPA in high school but was limited to "one solid year" of varsity hoops thanks to the aforementioned family issues.

And there you have it. Daniels' situation was one of those late-summer interest spikes that happen for two reasons. One, there's nothing else going on. And two, everyone is always intrigued by the notion of a player bringing his game to college a year early. Unfortunately -- or, perhaps for him, fortunately -- Daniels is going to wait to introduce his.