Austin Rivers is going to be good

You knew that already. But it only helps Rivers' case to see him do things like this.

Of what do I speak? Via The Dagger comes this video of Rivers taking on John Wallat the Boost Mobile Elite 24 camp in Venice, Calif., Wall squares up to defend Rivers at the top of the key, just before Rivers makes a little half-step crossover and leaves Wall flailing in his wake. Just as impressive was the finish.

On the other end, Wall tries to repay the crossover favor, but Rivers strips the No. 1 overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft and starts his team on a fast break that ends with a dunk. Wall would have to wait until later for his repayment, in the form of this ridiculous alley-oop finish of a somewhat silly Brandon Jennings pass.

Anyway, it doesn't mean Austin Rivers is better than John Wall -- he might be, but that's kind of doubtful, based on watching Rivers in other competitions -- but it does mean he's insanely talented, and whichever team eventually lands him (Rivers is considering Duke, Florida, North Carolina, Kansas and others) is going to have a serious star on its hands.