Korie Lucious goes over the legal limit

Not that it would have mattered anyway, because Korie Lucious is only 20. But the point stands: Lucious' arrest Monday morning on charges of drunken driving is bad news for Lucious, for coach Tom Izzo, and for the Michigan State Spartans in general.

The news is still coming in, but here's what the world knows so far. Lucious was pulled over at 2:30 a.m. Monday in East Lansing. He was administered a breathalyzer test. He registered a .09 blood alcohol level. The legal limit in Michigan is .08. Lucas isn't yet old enough to drink, so the legal limit doesn't apply to his predicament; he would be in trouble even if he would have been at .07 or .06. (Lucious' age makes the theoretical discussion over whether .09 should be considered "drunken driving" beside the point.)

In the meantime, Tom Izzo is waiting to comment until he "gathers all the facts."

The immediate repercussions are hard to gauge. Punishments vary as widely as coaching styles. Lucious could miss a percentage of the season, or he could miss all of it. That will depend on how lenient Izzo is feeling, whether Lucious shows the appropriate amount of regret, and whether Lucious has a record of renting space in Izzo's famed doghouse, a la dismissed senior guard Chris Allen. (Which, to my knowledge, he doesn't.)

Speaking of Allen, two things. One: If Izzo was willing to dismiss his senior guard for a variety of closed-door, team-related, non-illegal offenses, does Lucious stand a chance to be back this season? And two: As Jeff Eisenberg notes, does Izzo wish he'd have repaired things with Allen rather than boot him off the team? Lucious' improved play in 2009-10 -- especially his impressive stint in place of injured guard Kalin Lucas -- was one of the reasons Michigan State was supposed to be able to easily discard Allen. They had other pieces in place. But what now?

All of that remains to be seen; we'll wait for Izzo's response to the facts he continues to gather. But at this stage, it's all ugly. Michigan State's wild offseason just got a little bit wilder.