Oregon's new scoreboard is humongous

When Matthew Knight Arena opens its doors to Oregon in January, the building itself is supposed to be sparkling while the team is in rebuilding mode.

But Dana Altman better have his team ready to perform because the Ducks are about to have their every move (and blemish) showcased on one of the largest high-definition scoreboards around.

The main scoreboard was put in earlier this week, and KMTR-TV needed time-lapse video of its infrastructure being raised since the interlocking "O" was so heavy it could only be lifted about six feet per minute. The specs of the things are staggering.

On Monday, crews used a 75,000 pound pulley to lift the scoreboard into place. When it's all said and done, it'll be 3-stories tall, 36-feet wide, and weigh more than 60,000 pounds. The university says fans should love the finished product.


The finished scoreboard will have four HD video screens with nearly two million LED’s. Each diode is six millimeters apart, making it the highest resolution screen in the NCAA.

And the price tag?

KVAL-TV reports that all the scoreboards in the arena will cost about $6 million combined.