Renaldo Woolridge drops 'Rocky Top' remix

In January, yours truly found out that Tennessee's Renaldo Woolridge -- one of the young players who stepped up during Tennessee's four-man suspension at the beginning of the year -- was also a pretty talented rapper. Woolridge goes by the name "Swiperboy," and I believe Swiperboy just released what is sure to be his most popular track yet.

It's called "Footvol," in honor of the upcoming Tennessee Volunteers football season (see what he did there?), and it features a somewhat ingenious beat. The song loops a stuttered version of Tennessee's always-popular "Rocky Top" and mixes it over some 808 drums and a synth. Also, I think I heard Smokey the dog on a background vocal.

It's simple, but I guarantee you Tennessee fans are going to love this thing. Even a non-Tennessee fan has to admire the straightforward craftsmanship. Swiperboy, it seems, has struck again.

(Hat tip: SBN)