Denver's memorable McDonald's run in Spain

Any American who's ever traveled to Europe or elsewhere overseas knows the feeling. At some point, yearning for a slice of home, you simply cave in and go to McDonald's.

That's how the Denver Pioneers apparently felt during its two-week preseason tour through Spain and Andorra. It was during an off day in San Sebastian, Spain when the craving became too much to bear.

According to the team's blog, the locals didn't take it well.

It's safe to say that the players may be a little tapa'ed out, so most of them went to a burger place downtown for lunch today. In fact, they liked it so much that they went back for dinner.

One problem: the restaurant offered no side items. Including fries. So, knowing they couldn't eat a burger without fries, the players used their problem-solving skills by walking to McDonald's and ordering fries to take back to Disco Burgers.

It seems the restaurant's proprietors were less than thrilled with the players' solution, so everyone went from dining in to taking out in a matter of minutes.

No worries, guys. If the meal really did hit the spot, it was probably well worth the trouble.