Bacari Alexander's Twitter mission rolls on

We live in the age of self-promotion, where, much to the chagrin of traditionalists like Don Draper, it's not good enough to just keep your head down and do your job every day. You have to have a brand, too. Your work alone does not speak for you.

In July, Michigan assistant coach Bacari Alexander stepped fully into that world with a bold proclamation: If Alexander did not acquire 1,000 followers by Oct. 15 -- the official start of hoops practice -- he would be canceling his Twitter account for good.

Michigan fans and hoops heads have rallied to Alexander's peculiar cause. As of this writing, Alexander has 861 followers, just 139 shy of his Oct. 15 goal. Given the pace with which he's acquired followers this summer, that should be no problem, but Alexander isn't there yet, so he's putting out more calls to remind everyone where he stands.

So, if you haven't followed Bacari Alexander yet, and you feel that losing a Twitter account from a Big Ten assistant coach would be a particularly tragic turn of events, now is your time to act. And now you know.

More than anything, though, Alexander's is an interesting social media experiment, one I'd be fascinated to see others -- whether celebrities, coaches or just plain old regular people like you and me -- test for varying degrees of effectiveness. Just how much do people want to read your tweets anyway? I won't be putting my account on the line anytime soon, because I'm a little scared no one would care, but still: fascinating.