Lack of Big East schedule LeBron's fault

It's fun to blame LeBron James for things. The sporting summer's utter lack of self-awareness and perspective? Blame LeBron. A free-agent fracas that annoyingly consumed our worlds for several months? Blame LeBron. An NBA whose stars must now consolidate their talent in order to compete with the best teams in the league, a la Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul and the New York Knicks? Blame LeBron. Hundreds of high school recruits making an even bigger deal out of their college decisions? That one hasn't even happened yet, and I already feel the need to blame LeBron.

Might as well add another to the list.

The Big East hasn't yet released its conference schedule. Why? Blame LeBron. From the Syracuse Post-Standard:

The Big East is usually one of the last conferences to get its schedule arranged because so many Big East schools play all or some of their games in arenas that are also home to NBA and NHL teams. The NBA and NHL teams get to pick their dates first and then the college teams like Georgetown, Villanova, Seton Hall and St. John's get to choose from the leftovers.

Well, this year the NBA didn't release its schedule until after LeBron James (and all of his fellow 2010 free agents) decided who they would sign with. That pushed the release of the NBA schedule back a couple weeks from its usual mid-summer announcement.

See? Totally LeBron's fault. It's getting to the point where we can probably blame LeBron for everything: Inconsiderate airline travel clerks; that girl on the train blaring horrid electronica through tinny earphones; people who don't pick up after their dogs; guys who don't understand the "If I miss, I get a layup" rule at open gyms; TV viewers who prefer "Real Housewives" over "Mad Men."

If my NCAA tournament bracket is as bad this coming March as it was last time around, don't blame me. Blame LeBron.

(Update: For more on this, check out Andy's comprehensive post from a couple weeks ago.)