ESPN2 studio crew weighs in

After watching Georgetown's thrilling 19-point rally against Connecticut, here are some thoughts from the ESPN2 studio crew:

Doug Gottlieb: Greg Monroe only goes left, but he looked far more aggressive in the second half against UConn .... The worst thing that happened to Stanley Robinson was to hit two 3s in the first half. That is what we like to call "fool's gold." Robinson took two of the worst 3s imaginable late, probably due to early success from behind the line ....Austin Freeman is a load, and while his 33 points will be the most noticed contribution, he had a couple of putbacks off offensive boards that were back-breakers as UConn did not box out well late .... Missed free throws are still an issue for the Huskies...Jerome Dyson is virtually unguardable in transition. He had an “in and out” move that was so smooth that J-Will and I were running around the studio like the AND1 mix tape .... No one here in the studio can figure out why Kemba Walker took a 3 off an offensive board with 21 seconds to go .… Kemba, Dyson and "Sticks" Robinson are a very talented threesome, but they miss AJ Price taking big shots and the putbacks of Jeff Adrian.

Jay Williams: It continues to perplex me when I see teams defend UConn by pressuring and playing passing lanes. In the first half, Georgetown tried that method and did not succeed, finding itself down big. Connecticut is a dangerous team when its forces tempo and use its athleticism in transition. The Hoyas calmed down in the second half and Monroe and Freeman came alive. The two combined for 43 points and became much more assertive. The big question I have for the Huskies is, do they understand time and situation? Doug and I were so confused when down one with 17 seconds left, Kemba Walker shot a 3-pointer. The bread and butter is dribble penetration in that situation. Bottom line: Connecticut hadn't blown a halftime lead that large (15) at any point in the last decade. The Huskies definitely miss the leadership of AJ Price.

Ryan Burr: Winning games on the road in-conference is what at the end of the day will separate the contenders from the pretenders. A lot of so-called “ranked” teams can win games at home, but keep a eye on the teams that win on the road. Those are the teams you will want to pencil into the Sweet 16 when filling out your bracket in March. After the top 5, there isn’t a giant difference between the best of the rest. Georgetown and UConn proved that today.