Bob Knight owns his 1950s-era rival

One night after getting roasted for a charity, Hall of Fame coach Bob Knight found himself in more familiar territory on Sunday speaking at his old high school gym in Orrville, Ohio.

During the "A Night with Knight" fundraiser for the local Boys & Girls Club, the ESPN commentator not only got to reminisce about his glory days at Orrville High, but also tell the crowd about one rival player he loved to beat.

From The Daily Record:

The coach told the story of a close game the [Orrville] Red Riders won against Loudonville when he played on the same court back in the late 1950s.

"Loudonville had a guy named Tom Dennison, who I'm telling you was an absolute pain in the (butt)," Knight said. "After we won, I remember him lying on this floor at the top of the key crying. The whole image flooded back into my mind when I walked out here tonight. I'm telling you, it was great."


Knight wrapped up his talk by walking out on the basketball court and kneeling down. He pointed to the exact spot where Dennison laid crying all those years ago.

"That's still a great memory," said Knight, nodding his head in approval with a giant smile.


So if you're an Indiana fan and waiting on that reconciliation between the school and Knight, remember this story because it shows just how long of a memory he has.

It's only been 10 years since Indiana fired him. Some 50 years later, he still hasn't forgotten Tom Dennison.