Georgia's Leslie dunks all over Cousins

ESPNews Highlight Of The Night (1:01)

No. 3 Kentucky holds off Georgia, 76-68, improving to 16-0 (1:01)

Here in Chicago, local Bulls analyst Stacey King has special, nonsensical, consistently hilarious catchphrase for when someone gets dunked on: "Get up or get out the way!" I have no real idea what this means, but it's always funny. (Sometimes King follows it up with "If you scared, then go buy a dog!" Which, again: hilarious.)

Why am I referencing a local NBA analyst on a college basketball blog? Because "get up or get out the way" was the first thing that came to mind when I saw Georgia's Travis Leslie dunking all over Kentucky's DeMarcus Cousins Saturday afternoon at Rupp Arena. It was just ... nasty.

(Update: ESPN video of nastiness should be coming across the Intertubes in due time; we'll be sure to post it as soon as possible.)

(Update, Part 2: ESPN video posted below.)

Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, a menacing dunk isn't quite as good as an upset win over Kentucky to open the SEC season, which Georgia failed to finish. But there is a bit of a moral victory to be had in Georgia's near-miss at Kentucky today. The Bulldogs shouldn't be able to compete with an uber-talented Kentucky team at Rupp Arena, but that's exactly what Mark Fox's team did today. Combined with Tuesday's upset over Georgia Tech, Fox deserves serious props for raising an underhanded Georgia team to an undeniably competitive level.

Kentucky, on the other hand, might be a bit more concerned. A win is a win -- I feel like I've heard coaches say that from time to time -- but the Wildcats are developing a pattern of letting inferior teams hang around far longer than any national title contender reasonably should. Maybe it's just a regular season thing. Maybe the Wildcats won't be as vulnerable when they're locked in a postseason battle. But the NCAA tournament is all about the little guy exposing the big guy's apathy. If I was a neurotic Kentucky fan (and aren't all sports fans, at some level, neurotic?), this would freak me out.