FIU recruit pulls switcheroo

You have to feel for Isiah Thomas. Maybe just a little bit. Maybe just for this one situation. But still, you have to kind of of feel for him.

Imagine, if you would, how excited Zeke must have been this Sunday. It was Sunday, after all, when the No. 59-ranked player in the class of 2011, Cedrick McAfee, told Thomas face to face that he would indeed be committing to Florida International. Imagine how happy Isiah must have been! Imagine the elation he felt upon leaving McAfee's house! You can almost see him clicking his heels in a mid-air leap as he jumps down the McAfees' front sidewalk. Huzzah!

The elation would have been warranted. After all, for all of Thomas's high-profile attempts at recruiting thus far in his FIU tenure, few players of McAfee's stature have considered Florida International seriously, let alone delivered on those considerations. It would have been a pretty big deal.

And there's the key phrase: "would have been." Because a day -- not even 24 hours -- after Thomas did his imaginary skip down McAfee lane, Cedrick's high school coach told the Memphis Commercial-Appeal that McAfee had a change of heart. Instead of locking in at FIU, McAfee was going to re-open his recruitment. According to the coach, he'll be visiting Auburn this weekend and Baylor in October. Ouch.

Zeke still has a chance to get McAfee. The player isn't ruling out FIU; he's just taking his time in making a decision, which is probably the smart thing for everyone involved.

But, still, yeah: poor Isiah. That one has to sting.