Florida juco coach battling a brain tumor

While BYU coach and cancer survivor Dave Rose testifies before Congress next week to promote funding for cancer research, a member of the coaching community is scheduled to begin radiation and chemotherapy in a battle against a brain tumor.

Northwest Florida State College coach Bruce Stewart was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma and is now set to fight for his life against a difficult opponent, according to the Northwest Florida Daily News.

The diagnosis, which came from last week's biopsy at Gainesville's Shands Medical Center, was not the best news Stewart could have hoped for. This form of tumor at this stage of development is an extremely serious condition with a generally unfavorable prognosis.


According to the Mayo Clinic, Glioblastoma is the most common and most malignant of typical brain tumors. It is normally difficult to treat because it can spread quickly to other parts of the brain.

The UCLA Department of Neuro-Oncology posts real-time survival data of patients with this particular condition. According to that data, the average estimated survival time is just under two years. However, with Stewart’s superb health and the possibility of advanced treatments, that estimate is far from concrete.

Stewart, the former coach at Middle Tennessee, decided on a six-week treatment plan that runs five days a week and his spirits appear to be good after consulting with doctors.

"I just like their enthusiasm toward me," Stewart said. "I felt like they have studied my case extensively. They said I was a 57-year-old that was the best-conditioned guy they have had in a long time. They said I was the kind of guy they have been waiting for."