OU's Cade Davis earns his tough card

I won't lie: That headline originally read "man card." Because that is a traditional, slightly sexist way of saying someone did something tough. Then I thought about it, and I remembered that being tough is not at all a trait reserved for men. Then I remembered that plenty of females would probably be able to beat me up, because I am weak. So, "tough card" it is. Deal? Deal.

Anyway, the point is that Oklahoma guard Cade Davis deserves some sort of toughness award. Why? Because he broke his face, and he's going to keep playing basketball anyway. From the AP:

Guard Cade Davis will be held out of contact drills during practice but should not miss any games for Oklahoma after he suffered a facial fracture.

Sooners basketball coach Jeff Capel said Wednesday that Davis would not need surgery and has been cleared for conditioning and shooting drills. He was injured during a team workout last Friday.

Sure, it's still the offseason, and it's not exactly like Davis is putting his face on the line immediately, but come on -- that's pretty impressive.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go ice down my carpal tunnel. I'm playing through injury, too!