Pullen shaves beard, world keeps spinning

And so, dear friends, you'll just have to carry on. The dream is over. Jacob Pullen has shaved his beard. From Jason King:

“I shaved it, man,” Pullen said Wednesday. “It was time for a break.” [...] Pullen’s facial hair isn’t completely gone. The Wildcats guard said he merely trimmed the whiskers he’d been growing for the better part of a year.

“It was hard to go any place without being noticed,” Pullen said. “I’d wear a hood but you could still see the beard hanging down. I wanted to get away from all the attention on campus and just be a normal student for awhile.

“With the beard, I couldn’t hide.”

Naturally, this will come as a major shock to anyone who found "Fear The Beard" to be one of the more awesome college hoops fan rallies of recent vintage. For so many games, Kansas State -- and, by proxy, its suddenly rabid fan base -- lived and died with The Beard. It was also a handy brand identity for Pullen, who emerged last season as one of college hoops' best players at roughly the same rate as The Beard gained its status as a household name.

And yet, another idol sheds his former existence, and the world keeps on moving. So it goes. I don't believe in The Beard. I just believe in me. Whiskers and me. Something like that, anyway.