Seton Hall tickets now buy one, get one free

If you hadn't followed the self-destructive dismissal and insane summer of former Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez -- even if you knew nothing about college basketball at all, really -- you would be able to guess just how well Seton Hall basketball is doing with its fans these days. Why? Because everyone knows this can't be good:

For the first time ever, Seton Hall Athletics has announced a special "Buy One Get One FREE" men's basketball season ticket offer on lower level seats at Prudential Center. Simply purchase one 2010-11 season ticket and receive a second one FREE!

Any new (first time purchaser or has not purchased since the 2005-06 season) season ticket holder will be eligible to purchase one season ticket for $450, or $405 for SHU alumni, and receive the second ticket FREE! That's two season tickets for less than $500!

This makes sense. Give hoops fans a cheap reason to buy season tickets, make the tickets accessible, demand a small donation in addition to their ticket purchase (in Seton Hall's case, $50 or $100 per seat, which is still pretty reasonable), and hope people consider the deal too good to pass up. You have to put butts in the seats somehow, right?

Here's what I don't get, though: Why don't current season-ticket holders, the ones who actually slogged through the Gonzalez era (which began in 2006-07), get the deal, too? If anything, those people should get something free. They're the ones who've suffered.

Anyway, act now! Don't wait! Actually, waiting probably makes sense. One has the feeling Pirates tickets, even at half price, won't be too hard to come by, at least not in the immediate future.

(Hat tip: Longhorn Road Trip)