Faking a Huggins fall, coach hurts himself

A few weeks ago, at West Virginia coach Bob Huggins' charity roast, Duquesne's Ron Everhart had his routine down pat. He was going to fall in front of Huggins -- poking fun at Huggins' recent spate of injuries, including one he suffered when he fell in his Las Vegas hotel room this summer -- the crowd would laugh and that would be that. Pretty good comedic plan, all things considered.

One problem: Everhart hurt himself, too. Talk about your all-time backfires!

The coach told Fox's Jeff Goodman that his fall -- the video of which you can see here -- ended up breaking his toe. No joke:

"My toe got caught in the chair,” Everhart told me last night. "I fell pretty hard and had to grab the podium from falling again.”

"My toe was huge afterwards,” he added. "But that’s what I get for making fun of my friend.”

Karma is rarely so immediate. But look at it this way: If Huggins continues his three-summers-strong streak of semi-embarrassing self-inflicted injuries, he can always just say he hurt himself making fun of his friend for making fun of him. It's the circle of life. Or something like that, anyway.