Nevada football success helps basketball

Boise State isn't the only WAC team that's soon to be off to the Mountain West and also getting a recruiting boost from its top-25 football team.

The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that while the Nevada football team has gotten off to a 4-0 start, basketball coach David Carter has been on the recruiting trail finding that people these days are more able to recognize the school.

"When I was in Illinois, all the guys were saying, 'Your team's quarterback (Colin Kaepernick) is awesome! How do you say his name?'" Carter said via telephone from the Seattle airport Thursday afternoon. "I told them, 'We just call him Kap.'"

After beating BYU last weekend, the Nevada football team popped into the national rankings Sunday for the first time in 62 years.

"Being ranked in the Top 25 is huge," Carter said. "I was in Wisconsin after we beat Cal and I go into the gym and all the kids are saying, 'You guys have a really good football team.' We weren't ranked yet, but they knew about us, and that's always a huge advantage. Anytime you can get that kind of attention, it's great for your program."

Carter sent Luke Babbitt and Armon Johnson to the NBA draft and responded by bringing in plenty of newcomers this season to fill the void.

Only entering his second season as coach, Carter also seems to have the momentum going for his program. Anything the football team can do to help is just an added bonus.