BC's Madness event is half hoops and hockey

Boston College hadn't held a Midnight Madness for such a long time that with the Steve Donahue era set to start, the student newspaper early last month ran an editorial asking that the new coach help "reinstitute it or some similar event."

What athletic department and student officials proceeded to announce the following week was an event called "Ice Jam" that involves half of Conte Forum as a basketball court and the other half with the ice exposed in celebration of both the school's hoops and hockey teams.

Bob Costas will serve as a celebrity emcee for this unique hockey-included event that won't be held until Oct. 26 and gets going early at 8 p.m., but the students do get their chance to rally like the cool kids across the country do.

The BC-style Midnight Madness is quirky for sure.

But more importantly, Donahue was supportive of it. The Heights, the student newspaper, confirmed as much last week when it quoted a student government official as saying it was Donahue and his staff that gave the students permission to put on the event.

Capitalizing on an early opportunity to please the fans with a somewhat simple goodwill gesture?

Smooth move by Donahue.