Maryland fans plead for Madness revamp

Midnight Madness at Maryland -- where it's called Maryland Madness for short -- should be a fine tradition. After all, it was legendary Maryland coach Lefty Driesell who invented the concept of Midnight Madness in 1971, when Driesell made his player run 1.5 miles at 12:03 a.m. In so far as Midnight Madness can have tradition, the Terps ought to have it.

Instead, the Terps fans at Testudo Times cringed at last year's Maryland Madness. According to Ben Broman, Maryland needs to revamp its event, complete with big names, exciting stunts, and something more than a simple walk from head coach Gary Williams:

Fix the Gary Intro - Seriously, walking? Walking? That's it? You don't even dim the lights? I don't know what the vehicle should be, but walking isn't my idea of an awesome intro. And if you're not going to make the intro a big deal, don't announce it like it's a big deal. That was one of the biggest problems with last year.

I'm not sure all the trappings of a crazy Midnight Madness spectacle are what's most important to a team's success ... but it certainly can't hurt. And for what it's worth, Williams has hinted at a "surprise" in store for Terps fans at this year's Maryland Madness. Broman is guessing it's Wale. If he's right, Terps fans' complaints about their season-opening practice will be null and void forever. Wale would be just that cool.