Long Beach State's clever sickness remedy

The funniest college hoops promotional clips can come from the most unlikely places. Today's example: Long Beach State, which combine video-blog brevity (a challenge for yours truly, so I can respect the enterprise all that much more), basketball ability, and bubble-bound human beings. The result is an impressively clever promotional video for a team you otherwise probably wouldn't devote much preseason attention to:

There's got to be some way we can work this into the game. Maybe each No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament should have to put its leading scorer in a bubble for the first half of each No. 1/No. 16 match up. Or maybe each coach should have to coach one regular season game entirely in a plastic bubble. Or, maybe not.

Eh, let's mull it over. I feel like we could be on to something here.

(Hat tip: The Dagger)