Snoop, Kid Cudi bring Madness to NU

Musical guests at Midnight Madness are a relatively recent phenomenon. Drake showed up to Kentucky's Big Blue Madness last year, but he didn't perform. Yo Gotti is making the rounds again at Memphis this year, and that has at least one recruit's mother very excited.

This might be the most high-profile of them all -- and it's happening where you'd least expect it. The Northwestern Wildcats are hosting a concert by Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi in conjunction with Friday night's Midnight Madness event, which the Wildcats have created dubbed "Hoops and Snoop," according to a release from the school. The concert is part of Northwestern's annual A&O Fall Blowout Show, so while it's not exactly a Midnight Madness performance, the school has scheduled its basketball event at 5:30 p.m. and is offering shuttles to the concert at Welsh-Ryan Arena after the show.

Why is this a surprise? Because you wouldn't expect a program like Northwestern, a school that's still somehow searching for its first-ever bid to the NCAA tournament, to be hosting what is arguably the biggest Midnight Madness concert we've seen to date. You'd expect this from, well, Kentucky. Or Kansas. Or Duke. But Northwestern? And, sure, it's not exactly a Midnight Madness performance -- it's hard to imagine Snoop performing during the introduction of Bill Carmody and John Shurna -- but it's close enough.

In any case, it has Northwestern students plenty excited, and that, perhaps more than anything else, is what Midnight Madness is all about.