LaceDarius Dunn's class suspension lifted

We still don't know how LaceDarius Dunn's 2010-11 season is going to work out. We don't know whether the rather serious charge against him -- a felony charge of aggravated assault related to an incident with his girlfriend -- will cause Baylor coach Scott Drew to suspend his star player during what could be the program's best chance at a Final Four appearance since World War II. We don't know whether it will matter that Dunn's alleged victim, Lacharlesla Edwards, wants the charges dropped and denies having broken her jaw. All of this stuff is still getting figured out.

What we did know is that Dunn's basketball future was already in jeopardy. That's because Baylor, as is customary for students facing pending felony charges, suspended Dunn from classes. If he wasn't able to attend classes, Dunn would have been unable to complete his course requirements for the fall semester; that would have made him ineligible for the spring semester, the conference season, the NCAA tournament, and so on.

It appears that's no longer a threat. Dunn's suspension was lifted at an on-campus hearing late Wednesday, according to CBS' Gary Parrish. He remains suspended from the team, but now there's no chance of academics causing a suspension the length of which Drew himself couldn't control. Now comes the fun part: Figuring out when -- or if -- Drew can get Dunn back on the court.