Paul Hewitt knows Twitter statistics, too

Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt made some tweets he probably shouldn't have to Yellow Jacket fans in February and subsequently hasn't made an online 140-character statement since April.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Hewitt has learned his lesson and encouraged his players to stop tweeting as well, joining a growing number of coaches doing the same.

"You read so many stories about how kids are making poor decisions in what they send out," Hewitt said. "Sometimes the coaches do, too."

He laughed. He was alluding to his exchange with Tech fans on Twitter last February, when he called out critics and challenged fans not "to be judgmental" but to support the team, creating a backlash.

In general, though, Hewitt tells his players there are better ways to spend their time.

"I always tell them, 'You're not that important,'" Hewitt said. "I saw a stat the other day that 71 percent of all tweets go unrecognized. Think about that: 71 percent."

Yes, Hewitt has in fact done his homework on the issue. So for all the 1,300-plus followers still waiting for him to chime in on Twitterverse, there you have it.