Binghamton coach gets impressive buyout

Given the way the Binghamton program deteriorated under Kevin Broadus, you wouldn't assume the man was in line for a buyout. But, thanks to the NCAA's finding that no major violations occurred even as Broadus' team lost six players thanks to academic issues, drug-related crime and a handful of other reasons, there was a chance the school could have reinstated Broadus and tried to move forward.

That's what Broadus and his lawyer, Don Jackson, wanted; Broadus wanted to be coach again. But it's about the last thing Binghamton wanted. The solution? Buyout! From the Greater Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin (now THAT'S a name for a newspaper):

Kevin Broadus has entered a $1.2 million settlement with Binghamton University. [...] The university will pay $819,115.89 as required by his contract, BU spokeswoman Gail Glover said. The State University of New York will pay an additional $380,884.11. In exchange for the settlement, Broadus will resign and withdraw all claims and future lawsuits, Glover said.

Mark Macon, the man who somewhat awkwardly signed a two-year contract with the school while Broadus was on suspension, will remain the head coach. Perhaps most important, Binghamton can officially end the Kevin Broadus era. It was the best of times, it was the ... well, you know.

(Special "still catching up after Big Ten media day" hat tip: The Dagger)