Herb Sendek teaches us how not to 'Dougie'

Ah, the Dougie: So hot right now. Whether it's John Wall inexplicably angering radio hosts during his pregame dance routine, or dudes at the bar doing their own awkward versions anytime the song comes on (you guys know who you are), one inescapable fact of modern life is that Cali Swag District's rather horrible song and dance combo -- a far more complicated dance than Soulja Boy's, if I might say so myself -- is hitting on all cylinders. There is no respite.

This dictum also extends to Arizona State coach Herb Sendek. Yes, it's true: Sendek, usually one of the country's more reserved and technocratic college hoops coaches, was caught doing the Dougie in public. It went about as well as you'd imagine:

Foxbarker's Jeff Goodman unearthed the video, which was spawned by Sendek's interaction with assistant Lamont Smith's three- and four-year-old children before ASU's Tip-Off reception this week. The children were too shy to get up and help Sendek through the dance himself. Which is a shame, because if there's one thing we've learned from Major Lazer, it's that dancing children is a great way to save an otherwise mediocre stage show.

Anyway, there's your visual for the day: Herb Sendek doing the Dougie. When I woke up this morning, I did not expect to write those words. Every day is a gift.