Tom Penders makes a meaningful donation

When Tom Penders resigned at Houston in March, he insisted the decision was his and that he wasn't being forced out after six seasons, telling reporters his biggest disappointment was actually the fact that not every player from the program had graduated.

To his credit, Penders is putting his money where his mouth is.

Houston has announced that Penders and his wife donated $20,000 to the school's student-athlete academic services, with the money being used toward hiring additional part-time staff and the purchase of laptop computers.

"This gift is a way of giving back to a great university that gave me the privilege to coach its basketball team for six years," Penders said in a statement.

"I have asked to direct this gift towards academic support because that has always been a priority for me."

It's a generous donation considering too many coaches treat academics as a way to merely get their players eligible and ward off penalties.

In this case, Penders is giving money to academics when he's no longer even a part of the program.