Locker room theft hits Dayton

Whoever broke the sanctity of the Dayton locker room by entering it to steal book bags from the players has left the defending NIT champion Flyers a little stunned heading into the season.

According to the Dayton Daily News, players lost about $2,000 worth of electronics, cash and other items including a cell phone, textbooks and even sneakers in the apparent theft.

The players have combination locks on their lockers, but say they can't get their book bags to fit inside without emptying the contents, choosing instead to leave them by the benches.

"It was just stunning, losing all those things. It was hard for me to adjust to that," said [guard Josh] Parker, who valued the laptop at $800 and the headphones at $230.

"It's definitely bad, but stuff happens. And you just have to look at the positive things. It wasn't anything major that can't be replaced. That was the great thing. It was just material things."