Syracuse vs. Le Moyne: The rematch

Remember when Syracuse lost to Le Moyne? Of course you do. Not only have we been mentioning it almost daily during this season's rash of surprising exhibition upsets, but it was a pretty big deal last season, too.

Naturally, the result didn't matter on the court: Syracuse went on to win 30 games and notch a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. But off the court, the story of the tiny Le Moyne Dolphins finally getting one over on their big, bad city rival resonated with college basketball fans everywhere. College basketball is all about upsets, and this was a really, really big upset. Who cares if it didn't "matter?" It mattered to Le Moyne.

In a way, it also mattered to Syracuse, because the Orange had to answer way too many questions about an inconsequential game, and you can imagine how annoying that would get. For example, here's Syracuse forward Rick Jackson, as told to the Syracuse Post-Standard:

“Of course you’re embarrassed to lose to a D-II school,” said SU forward Rick Jackson. “You turn on SportsCenter, everywhere you see -- ‘Syracuse loses to Le Moyne.’ It hurt.”

“It was really blown out of proportion, made a big deal of,” Joseph said.

Which leads us to tonight, when, like so many great rematches before it, Syracuse-Le Moyne II will shake the sports world to its very core. The rumble in the, um, Carrier Dome! (We might need a catchier nickname, guys.) I have a feeling Jim Boeheim's team will play a little bit harder than the average exhibition would require. Revenge is a dish best served in 30-point blowouts, and Syracuse is looking for a little revenge.