No, LeMoyne did not upset Syracuse again

Since we mentioned it last night before the game began, the rematch of Division-II upstart LeMoyne and Division-I power program Syracuse went exactly as expected Tuesday night. Which is to say that it went actually the opposite of last year's LeMoyne-Syracuse exhibition-upset-of-the-century.

Not only did Jim Boeheim's team avoid another embarrassing loss, it steamrolled the hapless Dolphins 91-48. Scoop Jardine had 13 points, Kris Joseph had 12, and freshman Dion Waiters added 13 off the bench. Dolphins star Chris Johnson, the guy who hit the last-second three in LeMoyne's win last season, scored 23 points, which is pretty impressive considering the rest of his team scored 25.

In any case, Syracuse got its revenge for last year's upset, LeMoyne got a stark reminder that last year was probably a little bit of a fluke (OK, way, way more than a little bit; plus it was an exhibition) and fans of the Orange can rest easily.* Case closed.

*(Or can they? Last year's Cuse lost to LeMoyne and then had one of its better seasons in recent history. Superstition is a fickle beast. Maybe Syracuse should have thrown the rematch just to preserve last season's good vibes. No? You're telling me this is a dumb idea? OK. I'll be quiet now.)