Bruce Pearl draws up play to help students

This right here is no ordinary doodle.

It's an actual play drawn up by Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl, and prints of it will be sold this week to help students attend the national printmaking conference, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

"It's a good way to bridge that gap between weird arts students and crazy football fans," said club President Ashton Ludden with a laugh, adding that proceeds will help fund trips for students to an annual conference.

To get the prints made, club members set up brief appointments with each of the coaches, bringing pencils, tracing paper and zinc plates. They asked the coaches to draw a favorite football or basketball play on some tracing paper, then turn it over and trace it on the backside.

The paper then was laid on the specially covered plate, traced and etched again by the coaches.

The students got Pearl, women's coach Pat Summitt and football coach Derek Dooley to draw up plays.

So for fans and maybe opposing coaches who want a sneak peek into which plays Tennessee prefers to run, just open up your wallets and head to the school's print and pottery sale.