LMU's Max Good is always good for a quote

Loyola Marymount coach Max Good is one of the most quotable college basketball coaches in the country because he says what he means, is willing to take his players to task without going overboard, and is always quick-witted.

With his players, he'll curse up a storm while showing that he cares. The go-to line he uses with them is something his father always told him: "Prisons and cemeteries are full of people who make bad five-second decisions."

And according to the Daily Breeze, there's plenty more where that came from.

He has additional straight-from-the-shoulder messages on subjects ranging from taking care of the basketball to conduct.

"I tell the players, don't call me from jail because I'll tell them to put the (cell) key on a rabbit's back and kick it in the (you know where)," he said without blinking.

How's that for tough love?

As his players will tell you, there is nothing relaxed about Good when basketball is involved.

"If you are not happy, I'll give you a road map and an apple and you can be on your way," he said.

With his team taking after his toughness, the Lions are a contender this season in the WCC.

Earlier in the week over the phone, Good said he wasn't sure how they got picked to finish second behind Gonzaga and ahead of Saint Mary's.

The Lions even garnered a first-place vote in the coaches poll, but he made no predictions for how the WCC race would work itself out.

"I'm not clairvoyant," Good said. "I think I'm fairly bright."