Seton Hall students to start heckling more?

The Seton Hall student section at the Prudential Center has been moved this season to where it now extends to behind the opposing bench, according to The Setonian.

That means more visibility for the students on television and also quite probably more heckling of the visitors, associate athletic director Jamison Hannigan conceded to the school newspaper.

When asked if he wants students to heckle visiting teams, as long as it is "clean" Hannigan said, "Absolutely, it's a part of gamesmanship."

Students at Seton Hall are already anticipating the possibility of being able to easier heckle opposing players. This week, a group appeared on Facebook entitled "Hall's Hecklers."

The group's aim, as stated on the Facebook page, is to "finally give our Seton Hall Pirates the home-court advantage they deserve. With the student section being expanded behind the visiting team's bench this year, it is essential that we distract them during the game."

So after the school fired Bobby Gonzalez and replaced him with an anti-Bobby Gonzalez in Kevin Willard, it appears it's the students who are about to create a more hostile environment for Big East teams.