Is there a silver lining for Kentucky?

David Scott is the editor of CoachCal.com -- Kentucky coach John Calipari's website -- and he has something to say about Enes Kanter being ruled ineligible.

Scott told Larry Vaught of The Advocate-Messenger that in doing so he was not speaking on behalf of Calipari or the school. Then again, Calipari has no immediate comment on the situation and Scott does have this perspective about a silver lining for Kentucky.

"If there is a silver lining, it would be that at least Enes is allowed to practice during the appeal process. Even if he can't play, there will be about a month during the appeal process where he can help make Josh (Harrellson) and Eloy (Vargas) better. At least he will be on the court helping the team improve in practice. That's the one silver lining," said David Scott of coachcal.com.

That's one way of looking at it, that even if Kanter can't play for Kentucky, the team can still benefit from his presence assuming he stays in school.

Because having an NBA lottery pick-level talent on the court -- who's already been ruled a pro -- could only help practices be more competitive in a frontcourt that has plenty of question marks.