Portland guard predicts win over Kentucky?

Portland guard Jared Stohl is one of the nation's best 3-point shooters, leading the NCAA at a 47.8 percent clip from beyond the arc last season. He's made more 3s than he's missed this season, and now it appears Stohl is taking aim at Kentucky with a prediction from out of leftfield.

"Hope to see you out there Friday," Stohl says in a 10-second video message to Portland fans. "We're going to need you guys when we beat Kentucky."

Portland coach Eric Reveno tweeted about the video, asking his followers if the senior was indeed sneaking in a prediction in advance of the matchup at the Rose Garden against heavily favored Kentucky, which only took the game because the team is on its way to the Maui Invitational.

Could this be a trap game for the Wildcats?

If the Pilots do stand a chance of pulling the upset, UK coach John Calipari knows that Stohl would be right in the middle of it. Calipari even dropped Stohl's name during his radio call-in show, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

"I'm scared to death," the Kentucky coach said Tuesday. " ... They have the best 3-point shooter in the country."

When told about Calipari's shout-out, Stohl might have blushed [if blushing can be detected through a voice on the phone].

"I'm pretty honored," he said. "A legendary coach like him taking note of my shooting. Shooting is something I pride myself in."