Purnell tries for silver lining after 0-3 trip

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Somewhere during the course of his team's overtime loss to Stanford on Sunday, DePaul coach Oliver Purnell lost his voice. He could still scream, he said, but it would hurt.

The Blue Demons left the 76 Classic with three losses and their coach's vocal chords in tatters, but Purnell did say he discovered something about his group of players.

“Our team has been resilient,” Purnell said.

DePaul played Oklahoma State close on Thanksgiving, and after getting routed by Cal State Northridge, came back from an early deficit to send the Stanford game into overtime before losing 81-74. Effort alone won’t be good enough to win in the Big East, but it’s at least one positive sign.

Purnell continues to get good production out of freshman guard Brandon Young, who scored 15 points. Young missed a shot down low that would have given the Blue Demons the lead in the final minute, but he remains the future of the program once Purnell gets through Year 1.

“We’ve got to sustain that high level of effort on both ends of the floor,” Purnell said. “We’re still not there. We have to close out games.”