Mark Few's alternate reality in vivid detail

Gonzaga coach Mark Few over the years has turned down numerous opportunities to potentially leave the Pacific Northwest for more lucrative jobs, most recently gently telling alma mater Oregon thanks, but no thanks.

He's always left the door slightly ajar in case some significantly better job situation presented itself, but in an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Few described in great detail his biggest fear when it comes to entertaining the idea of leaving Spokane.

"It has nothing to do with basketball," the Gonzaga coach said late Wednesday night. "It has to do with waking up one day, because we’re so involved in coaching, and my kid’s grown a beard and he’s smoking a cigarette on the couch, wearing a wife-beater. And I’m like, ‘Who are you? You’re not A.J., my 10-year-old.’ And he’s like, ‘Yes, I am -- when you were out recruiting, coaching, running all over the place, I grew up.’"

It's a bizarre vision of what life could be like if ever left and a concern brought on by the fact that things are so comfortable in their current state.

Few simply doesn't appear to have much an appetite for taking on a rebuilding situation and uprooting his family when he could be fly-fishing back home and consistently racking up wins.

That's great leverage for when that job he can't turn down opens up, but maybe just maybe Few's in the vast minority when it comes to hopping aboard the coaching carousel.

"I’ve seen so many people, so many coaches when we all get together as coaches on the road recruiting or on Nike trips,… with a lot of regret," Few said. "They’ll say, ‘I wish I’d stayed there, I was happy, my family was happy and those were the most fun times I had coaching.’ Because they went somewhere, it blew up or whatever, and it was miserable. … That was something that I watched."