Is HerbSendek.com ASU's top website?

Arizona State coach Herb Sendek has a snazzy new website that's got something for everyone.

He has his Twitter module set up, a microblog and info on everything you need to know about his team. It's good stuff. His daughter, Kristin, conducts interviews for the site and even gets to poke fun at him.

But does Sendek even have the best website on his own team?

That honor could very well go to junior college transfer Brandon Dunson, whose college basketball blog shows off how well-versed he is in the game on a national level.

From the Arizona Republic:

As part of a marketing class over the summer, Dunson created his own blog on college sports. Today, it's his outlet on one of his favorite topics: college basketball.

"Since I was a freshman in high school, I've followed college basketball faithfully," Dunson said.

It has turned him into an expert of sorts. Log onto bmdunson.wordpress.com, and you can find Dunson's top 15 teams (sorry, no Pac-10 teams included), his five "Most Underappreciated" players and his opinion on why the NCAA should keep the July recruiting period.

Dunson has only played three minutes this season since somehow injuring his shoulder while sleeping, but the 6-foot-1 guard is one of the reasons many think this is one of the more athletic Sun Devils teams to come around in years.

Hopefully he'll keep the blog posts coming once he does start playing more.

Maybe then he'll get some love on HerbSendek.com as well in the form of a blogroll link.