Cal Poly beat the buzzer, right?

Cal Poly guard Chris O'Brien scored on a putback with time expiring on Wednesday, lifting the Mustangs to a 54-53 win against previously unbeaten Hawaii, with O'Brien getting to experience the bottom of a celebratory dogpile at the other end of the floor as a reward.

But should the shot have counted? With the game not being televised, there was no replay for the officials to review, and the game ended even with Hawaii players signaling the shot didn't get off in time.

You be the judge:

For a second and third look, KSBY-TV has a slow-motion replay, and Warrior Insider takes you frame by frame while getting this reaction from Hawaii coach Gil Arnold.

After the game, Arnold went to his hotel room and reviewed the scouting video (which cannot be used by officials to review a play).

"We watched it a bunch of times, and it's not the best quality video, but it really looks like the ball is still touching his hand when (the clock) gets to zero," Arnold said. "But there was no replay, so nothing we could do about it. Tough way to lose."