Buffaloes walk-on played pickup with Obama

When Colorado guard Javon Coney sees Oregon State coach Craig Robinson tomorrow before their game as part of the Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series, he'll likely recall how they shared the same court in May with President Obama.

According to the Daily Camera, Coney is the rare college basketball player to have taken the court with the president for one of his famed pickup games -- this one taking placed in their hometown of Chicago.

"It's kind of weird seeing him face to face and saying, 'I got the President' while talking on defense," said Coney, who took an internship at a Chicago investment firm over the summer. "But after a while you get to playing and everything is the same as a normal game."

Coney told the team website this year that he received an invitation to play from Obama aide Reggie Love. Coney's father, Lester, served on Obama's national finance committee during the presidential campaign, and his sister volunteered as well.

"We played for almost two hours and during that time switched up sides -- depending on who was tired and needed a break," said Coney, a walk-on for the Buffaloes.

"I was the youngest guy there and most of the older guys tired easily. A couple of times, I was on his (Obama's) team."

Coney, a senior, has seen limited action this season, but how many can say they've had presidential playing experience?