Isaiah Thomas sums up UW's Portland win

There wasn't much to recommend about Monday night's slate of games; one look at the scores from the evening will tell you why.

But up in Seattle, Washington did get a more-than-it-bargained-for challenge from 3-point enthusiasts Portland, who cut the Huskies' 18-point second-half lead to six with 8:25 remaining in the game. The Huskies eventually regrouped, went on an 11-point run to put themselves up 79-64, and then cruised to a deceptively wide margin of victory in the 94-72 win.

Lorenzo Romar was, perhaps counterintuitively, pleased with this development. From the AP recap:

Watching a 16-point lead get whittled down to six with less than 10 minutes remaining, Washington coach Lorenzo Romar had one thought: "This is great."


"It would be great if we could win every game by 30 points, but that's not reality," Romar said. "... We're going to be in this position a lot more coming up."

Romar's "This is great" doesn't win Huskies quote of the night honors, however. That award goes to point guard Isaiah Thomas, who described the feel of the game as such:

"I looked up and we were up a lot, then I looked up and we were only up six and then we won by 22," Thomas said.

And there, my friends, is how it must feel to play basketball for the Washington Huskies. Or, really, for any team that plays uptempo, all-out high-pressure hoops. UW averages 75.0 possessions per game, making them the sixth-fastest team in all of college hoops. When things are happening that quickly, who has time to keep track of the score?