Reminder: Kansas still not at full strength

Why are the Jayhawks so scary? Count the ways: There's the 8-0 record, the as-good-as-advertised play of Marcus Morris, the better-than-advertised rebounding of Marcus' brother Markieff, the deep glut of veteran guards at Bill Self's disposal, and the hyper-efficient play that ranks Kansas as the No. 1 team in the nation in adjusted efficiency according to Ken Pomeroy. All very scary things.

Then there's this: Josh Selby. The No. 5 overall recruit in the class of 2010, Selby still has two more games to sit out as he serves his NCAA-mandated suspension. Given all of KU's early-season success, this is an easy fact to forget: The most efficient team in the nation is still waiting to unleash a player who might end up being its best. Now that's scary.

Of course, Selby has to live up to expectations. Beyond that, Self has to find a way to incorporate the freshman on a team that's already played eight games together, not to mention a team that is rife with depth and experience at the guard position. Via Gary Parrish, Self seems at least slightly concerned about that dynamic:

"Josh is gonna help us, but he's got to be able to fit in and make us a better team," Self told me last week. "He's as talented a kid as we have. But the most talented kids don't always make the best teams. You've got to have guys who understand how we play. ... We play a style that I think will fit Josh well when he [becomes eligible]. But he's got to be able to do some things for us to warrant freedom and a lot of minutes."

It won't be quite as simple as plugging Selby in at the guard position and letting him go to work. At least, it probably won't. Selby is as highly touted a recruit as any in the class, so there's a chance he'll come in and dominate right away. (It certainly didn't take Kyrie Irving long to figure out his role, did it?) But more likely than not, there will be an adjustment period. How long? Who knows? Either way, Kansas will be scary-good. Either way, that scariness will be a matter of degree.