SDSU barely survives ... Cal Poly?

If you skipped out on college hoops last night, you deserve forgiveness. It wasn't exactly the most appetizing slate of games, was it? There weren't any quality matchups on the board, and the only Top-25 team playing was San Diego State, who would surely roll over Cal Poly, and good for Happy Gilmo-OH MY GOD.

Get a load of this halftime score: 16-15 Aztecs. Either the scoreboard was only giving half credit, or something went seriously wrong with San Diego State's offense Monday night.

Yes, it was the latter. Kawhi Leonard and Chase Tapley were both too ill to play Monday; they were given IVs before the game but couldn't get on the court. Tapley was in such bad shape he was sent home. Leonard remained on the bench and told coach Steve Fisher he could play, but -- despite temptation late in the hard-fought game -- Fisher held off.

There was also the matter of shooting. Or, you know, lack thereof. The Aztecs shot 18 3-pointers Monday night. They made zero. No, not one. Not two. Zero. Their 3-point field goal percentage, if my math is correct, was -- yep -- 0.0. The Aztecs went 16-of-46 from the field in the game, but if you throw out those 18 missed 3s, that's actually not so bad.

Anyway, San Diego State would eventually, ahem, "pull away," winning 51-45 on the strength of Malcolm Thomas' 18-point, 15-rebound effort. It's hard to imagine a worse way to lose your undefeated record than a 0-for-18 shooting night when two of your players are missing due to illness. Luckily for SDSU, the streak lives on. Barely.