'Save Kyrie's Toe' cheers Irving up

Last week, the Save Kyrie's Toe folks -- a group of Duke students who want to, you know, save Kyrie Irving's toe, I guess -- were brought to my attention on Twitter. Because I had no idea what to make of what was, at that point, basically just a list of everyone who had recently used the #savekyriestoe Twitter hashtag, I quickly forgot about the site, never suspecting it was only a matter of time until the thing blew up.

Now, thanks to a clever video that caught the attention of the man (and his toe) to which it is dedicated, Save Kyrie's Toe is officially a college basketball Internet trend. Congratulations, kids. You did it.

And credit where it's due: That video is pretty clever.

"Inside all of us is a toe. A toe ready to be healed, if only someone will believe in it." Inspirational stuff.

This isn't the first time a college hoops fan base has formed a quasi-organic social media campaign, though unlike Kentucky's "Free Enis" "movement," which ostensibly had the NCAA in its sights, the Save Kyrie's Toe people don't seem to have any real reason for existing other than letting everyone know they really, really want Irving's toe to heal soon. (Say what you will about the tenets of "Free Enis," dude, at least it's an ethos.) Not that it matters: The world needs clever people to be making YouTube videos about college basketball. This fairly qualifies.

There is also, naturally, a corresponding Facebook profile and a Twitter feed. And guess what? The video even cheered up Kyrie himself. In other words, mission accomplished. I think.