You can design the Big Ten's logo

Are you an unemployed graphic designer? An amateur Adobe Illustrator enthusiast? Bored around the holidays? Take up a new project: Design the Big Ten's new logo!

The conference, fresh off the disaster that is "Legends" and "Leaders," has decided to change things up. It's a time of upheaval -- next year, the Big Ten will have 12 teams, and the Big 12 will have 10, and har har isn't that hilarious -- and so there's no better time for the Big Ten to settle on a logo that can take it into its post-realignment era. (For now, anyway.) And rather than have an expensive advertising/design firm do the whole Don Draper thing -- "the letter in 'BIG' represents nostalgia, a place where you know you're loved" -- one enterprising blogger has decided to host a crowdsourced submissions contest at this blog. (Update: The original version of this post cited the Big Ten as the host of the contest. In fact, the blog isn't affiliated with the Big Ten in any way. Apologies for the confusion.)

Right now, the prize is $150, though the site is hoping to land more sponsors, and if it does the prize climb higher. So, you know, start sketching out your ideas. And make sure they're good. Because a funny lad named Irish10 may have already taken home the top prize.